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Why choose PaySmart

At PaySmart we value being different from other payroll providers.  We specialize in payroll and tax administration to help simplify the business of employing people.  Whether you need  basic "owner only" payroll for just yourself, or you need a robust online platform with custom reporting, employee self-service, and direct deposits, we can  help.

Payroll processor.

Hundreds of business owners trust us for payroll and tax management.  See how we can help your business.

Good People, Great Payroll and Tax Services
From eliminating the hassle associated with payroll, to record keeping and tax-filings, we believe PaySmart is simply a better choice for your payroll preparation and insurance services. As you get to know us we think you'll agree that with the addition of PaySmart payroll outsourcing, your employer payroll options have gotten much better.

We Make the Payroll Process Fast and Simple

Our extensive experience with national payroll processing and tax reporting enables us to streamline the process of getting your payroll started, making it smooth and easy for you and your employees to get back to business.  Once your set-up, your PaySmart Payroll Specialist will be there with you every step of the way, gathering the necessary payroll and tax details and working with your account.


We are Payroll Preparation Specialists

Now you can trust your payroll and tax payments are in good hands.  There's nothing better than personal attention from trusted payroll and tax advisors that understand your business.  Contact a PaySmart Payroll Specialist today to learn more.

Are you ready to put our payroll experience to work for you?

We are a national payroll service provider processing in all U.S. States.


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How does PaySmart process my payroll?
We work with customers in a variety of ways.  Some employers use our online platform and are completely paperless.  Others fax, e-mail, or call their Payroll Specialist with payroll hours.  It's your choice.

Payroll Processing

What do I need to get started?
All we need is your basic company and employee information, plus any payroll history you have for the current year- if applicable.

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Can I switch payroll providers mid-year?
Yes. We can start payroll any time with your current payroll history.


How will I stay on top of my payroll details?

We provide you with a variety of standard and custom reports that will help keep you informed and in control of your payroll.



No More IRS Penalties

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 employers pay an IRS penalty each year? 

With our payroll tax services you will never miss a deadline or pay the wrong amount.


Keep More Money in Your Pocket



Accurate Payroll You Can Count On

We process your employee paychecks and complete/remit your state and federal filings, including your quarterly 940 forms, 941 forms, W-2's and Annual W-3's.


Complete Payroll Services


The PaySmart Guarantee

Accurate payroll processing or your money back.  If we make a mistake, we'll cover the penalties and refund your payroll fees.

Payroll service guarantee


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The Payroll People


We make it easy to get fast and reliable payroll, tax, HR ,and insurance options for your business.  We've already helped hundreds of companies get access to great payroll services and more, making us your #1 choice for small business payroll processing.  Get your payroll quote today.


Good People, Great Payroll




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