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We are pleased to announce our acquisition by Columbia EDP

Effective January 1st 2016, PaySmart will no longer be processing payroll for employers. Columbia EDP will process future payrolls and provide tax administrative services for PaySmart customers who choose to work with Columbia EDP.

PaySmart will provide all W-2 services and tax reporting for any payrolls processed during 2015. The Insurance Shop will continue to provide Pay As You Go workers' compensation programs and other commercial insurance services for Columbia EDP and other payroll bureaus across the U.S.

Payroll resources and service center.

Visit Columbia EDP's website by clicking the link below:

Questions? Call 1.888.9.PAYSMART    |    info @ paysmartpayroll.com  

Pay As You Go Workers Compensation

Pay As You Go workers comp insurance helps business owners improve cash flow and is designed to help reduce the risk of large audit balances at the end of the policy period. We have been helping business owners and payroll processing bureaus find the most affordable PayGo insurance solutions since 2004.

Payroll insurance.

Thousands of business owners trust us for business insurance solutions.

Commercial insurance can be expensive for many types of businesses. Workers' compensation insurance is often one of the most expensive lines of coverage for many employers. That's why we've developed easy and affordable Pay As You Go workers comp solutions to help business owners and payroll bureaus.
Find out if we can help you save money on your next policy.

We Make the Process Fast and Simple

We work with payroll service companies across the United States in order to provide Pay As You Go insurance and other lines of business coverage. Most of our partners can process your payroll and deduct workers compensation premium based on your actual gross payroll and workers' compensation classification codes. Each month, our partners send us your reports and transfer your premium to our agency. We reconcile your reports and forward premium to the applicable insurance company.

We are a national payroll insurance provider providing coverage in all U.S. States.



How Does PaySmart process my payroll?
PaySmart is no longer in the business of processing payroll. We now work with other payroll companies across the country in order to offer Pay As You Go workers' compensation and other related insurance products to their payroll customers.


What do I need to get started?
Contact one of our Workers Comp Specialists for a payroll insurance quote. We can connect with your existing payroll provider or recommend one of our trusted partners.


Can I switch payroll providers mid-year?
Yes. Employers can switch payroll service providers at any time during the year. Payroll providers will need your current year of payroll history to get you started.


How will I stay on top of my payroll details?

Payroll service companies will provide you with a variety of standard and custom reports that will help keep you informed and in control of your payroll and insurance premiums.



No More IRS Penalties

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 employers pay an IRS penalty each year? 

Our payroll partners make sure you never miss a deadline or pay the wrong amount.


Keep More Money in Your Pocket



Accurate Payroll You Can Count On

Our partners process your employee paychecks and complete/remit your state and federal filings, including your quarterly 940 forms, 941 forms, W-2's and Annual W-3's.


Complete Payroll and Tax Services


Cash Flow is King

Why pay your workers' comp over a small period when you can spread it out over the year? We improve cash flow by collecting premium based on actual wages paid.


Complete Payroll and Insurance Services


Payroll Info.


The Pay As You Go People


We make it easy to get fast and reliable insurance and payroll for your business.  We've already helped hundreds of companies get access to great payroll services and Pay As You Go workers compensation, making us your #1 choice for small business payroll and insurance.  Get your Pay As You Go quote today.


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