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Easy Online Payroll Services

PaySmart offers easy, 24/7 online access for employers, employees, and trusted advisors such as accountants.  Enjoy the convenience of processing e-payroll, or online payroll, on your schedule or go completely paperless with our employee portal designed to give employees access to our secure self-service center.



What Are the Benefits of Processing Payroll Online?

Our CyberPay Online portal extends the power of our in-house payroll software to the web in a simple and convenient platform.  Once we've set your business up in our system your designated payroll administrators can login and process payroll or view reports in minutes.  Employees  can view paystubs, prior w-2's, and their payroll history on our self service portal.  All the tools you need at your fingertips including:


   Online 24-7 access from any computer

   View, print, and export real-time reports

   Accurate tax reports and payments by us

   Employee access to payroll stubs and history

   Free direct deposits for employees

   Free managed access to reports for Accountants

   Employer onsite check printing or shipping by us

   Complete support and training from your Payroll Specialist


How does the Online Payroll Service work?

PaySmart loads all initial customer data in our server based CyberPay software system.  If a customer prefers to process payroll online, our technicians create a secure, encrypted and unique VPN connection from our servers to our SAS encrypted portal to store your payroll data.  This allows employers and administrators to login, enter data, view reports, and process/submit payroll for final processing on our end.  We offer a separate portal for employee access to employee specific payroll information.


With CyberPay Online, you get a simple, convenient access to our payroll platform without having to be a payroll or tax expert.   


Online e-Payroll Support

Your dedicated PaySmart Payroll Specialists will always be available to provide training and answer questions.  We can step in and process payroll when needed and will always ensure your payroll tax reports are accurate and on-time.


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Does Online Payroll Cost extra?

No.  Our e-payroll solutions are straight-forward and affordable.  Our goal is to provide payroll solutions perfect for your business.


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