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Step-by-step instruction for employees on how to create an account and view payroll history.


PaySmart's platform offers an online employer portal for payroll administrators and a separate area for online employee access.  Once an employee is set-up in our software, they will be able to quickly create a unique Login and begin utilizing the system.


Online Payroll Review

Our Online Pay Review portal is used by customers' employees who utilize our online payroll software.  This is an "employee self service" area that allows employees to review past pay stubs and review and update their personal contact information.  This area requires a secure login that is setup by the employee.



Create Login

On the main login screen there is a red link on the bottom right side called Create Login.  When this link is selected, a form will open that will walk employees through the process of creating an account used to login to the system.  This is four step process and will require each employee to know the Employer 4 digit ID assigned by PaySmart.  It also requires employees to have detailed knowledge of a prior pay check such as check date, net pay amount, and social security number.  It is helpful to have a prior payroll check stub handy when enrolling in our employee online portal.


Forgot Login Password?

On the main login screen click the red link near the bottom left called Forgot Password?  Enter Employer ID and your Login Name:  A new password will be e-mailed to you.



Step One

The employee must enter the 4-digit Employer ID (company code) assigned to the employer by PaySmart. 



The 4-digit code can also be found on the bottom of any employee check stub under the Earning Summary section.  Located under subheading: Company.  Example below: ABCC.



Step Two

The employee must enter their last name, first name, social security number (no dashes), along with the net pay amount for a specific check date.  This information is used to insure that the account being created is for the correct employee and to secure the information from anyone else.



Step Three

The employee must create a login name and password (neither must have spaces).  The email address is optional, but this will be the address used to send the password to the employee should they happen to forget the password.



Step Four

The last step of this process is used to verify the information prior to creating the account.  As soon as the account is created, the employee can log into the system.


 Online Payroll Review

Once logged into the system, each employee will have access to two areas: My Pay and My Info.


My Pay

This page will list all the past pay checks for the last 14 months that this employee has received.  They are listed in order of check date and show the gross and net payroll amounts.  Click the View link to view the full detail of the check stub for any given check date.



My Info

This page permits the employee to review and/or modify their contact information in the system.  This includes passwords, email address, address and phone numbers.



Log Out

When this link is clicked, the employee will be logged out of the Payroll Review area and back to the Login page




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