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Payroll Partners

Good Payroll Partners Make a Big Difference

We think an important part of providing a good payroll service is creating partnerships with solid business partners within the industry.  At PaySmart, we hand pick our channel partners to ensure our clients receive the highest quality products and services to compliment our own products and services.


We offer the best business solutions, including our payroll software, business insurance products, employee benefits, and HR Support.  Learn more about our partners below:

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AdaptaSoft Payroll Software. AdaptaSoft, Inc. has been providing payroll software for payroll bureaus since 1996.  They offer a state-of-the-art payroll technology on a secure platform.  PaySmart utilizes their comprehensive Windows and Web-based CyberPay platforms.
  Construction Payroll Company.
PaySmart is an Insurance Shop partner. The Insurance Shop provides optional business insurance and employee benefits products for our customers and their employees.  They offer specialized solutions such as Pay As You Go workers' compensation and general liability as well as most other types of insurance products and services.
  Construction Payroll Company.
HR Answer Link. HR Answer Link provides the web-based platform for our HR Support Center.  Our HR solutions offers access to cusomizavble handbooks, job descriptions, HR forms, regulatory and legal documentation, Q&A databases, and Federal/State HR information.
  Construction Payroll Company.
Online 401k. The Online 401k provides turn-key and customizable 401k solutions designed to integrate with PaySmart Payroll.  They offer affordable 401k services with major investment portfolios with no hidden administration fees.
  Construction Payroll Company.
Swipeclock Time and Attendance. SwipeClock provides time and attendance solutions for our customers which seamlessly integrate with our payroll software.  Contact us to learn more about our timekeeping options.
  Construction Payroll Company.
Apex Networks Apex Network provides online data protection and recovery solutions for our clients at a discounted rate.  They offer an automated, secure data protection and recovery process that can be set-up with ease.


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PaySmart is an independent payroll provider and a member of American Payroll Association.  We may share customer information with insurance partners to assist you in placing coverage. Please visit for more information on payroll and employer taxes. Our payroll service listed on Better Business Bureau.
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