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Payroll Portal- Employer Guide and Demo  

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Step-by-step instruction on how to process, submit, and review your online payroll via our payroll portal.


PaySmart's payroll portal offers separate login systems for payroll administrators and for employee online access.  Administrators can assign other administrators with full access, or assign clerks with limited access to payroll data.  See chart below:


Online Payroll Administration Chart.

Our employee portal can be activated or excluded from our online payroll solution.  If activated, employees will be able to create their own user name and password automatically once a payroll has been processed.  Learn more about employee online payroll stubs.


Company Setup

In order for our payroll portal to work, PaySmart must first establish the company as an online customer, create and upload company information to our secure web servers, and establish the initial administrator for the company. Once completed, you are ready to log in to the portal.


Payroll Administration

Our Payroll Administration page is used by our clients to post current payrolls and review reports from the past.  The login screen requires three pieces of data to enter including the unique client ID, login name. and password:


Online Payroll Portal Login.

After logging on to the site, the Payroll Administration page will list the links for each of the available utilities for posting payrolls and reviewing reports.  The types of utilities available will vary between Administrators and Clerks.  See chart above.


Payroll Entry

The payroll  entry process has two primary steps.  Until both steps are completed, the payroll cannot be submitted.


Step One

The first step is to select the pay groups that will be getting paid along with the dates of the payroll run:


Starting an Online payroll run.


Check Date:  For the dates, select from the Check Dates calendar drop list or enter in the appropriate fields.


*Note: Only one payroll can be processed per Pay Group with the same Check Date and Pay Period Dates.


Number of Employees/Page:  Choose the number of employees you want listed per page on the next page for processing the actual payroll.


Filters:  If a payroll is only going to be ran for employees in a particular location and/or department, or only for one individual employee, then these filters can be set.


Continue: Click continue to go to Step 2.  IMPORTANT:  Once you click, the settings on this page can't be changed unless you void the payroll to start over.


*Note:  This process must be done by a Payroll Administrator.  It can't be done by a Clerk.


Step Two

Payroll entry screen on portal.


Add Employee:  Select this button to open the utility to add a new employee to the company (see Add New Employee below).


Holds: Select this button to open the utility used to place holds on deductions for all employees in the payroll (see Holds below).


Cancel: Select this button to cancel all the changes made on the enter pay data sheet.  When prompted, click OK to save changes or Cancel to cancel changes.


Save: Select this button to save all the changes made to the data entered on this screen.

Construction Payroll Company.

Employee Entry Line

Each employee in the payroll will have a section that lists the assigned pay types and the wage.  Here the units, hours and override wages are entered.  Additionally, under the employee name are three links that have options for modifying the employee's payroll information (see Add Pay Type, Deductions, and Holds below).


Employee online payroll entry.


*Note: A payroll Clerk can't see the Normal Wages, Override Wages, or Total Pay columns of the data entry sheet.


Construction Payroll Company.


Add New Employee

New employees can be added to the company and have pay information submitted with the payroll.  Click the Add New Employee button on the Payroll Entry screen to bring up the form to add the new employee.


*Note: A payroll Clerk does not have access to this feature of Payroll Entry.


Online Payroll Entry- Add New Employee.


Fill in the fields with the information for the new employee.  Any field marked with a red star is a required field that must be filled in to submit the form.


Additional Instructions: Any information entered into this field at the bottom of the form will be posted on the email that is sent automatically to your PaySmart Payroll Specialist.


After the Save button is pressed, the second portion of the Add New Employee form has the employee wages that can be added.


Construction Payroll Company.


New Pay Type - Employee Wage

Any items entered on this screen are for the purpose of paying the new employee in this payroll.  Select the pay type for wages the employee will receive, enter units, hours and wage just like on the Payroll Entry page.  Click the Back button when done entering wages to return to the Payroll Entry page.


*Note: Once pay has been entered for a new employee, the amounts can't be changed after hitting the Back button.


Adding new pay types.


Construction Payroll Company.


Add Pay Type

This utility is used to either add 1) a new line to the list of pay types for an employee on the Payroll Entry page or 2) a new pay type to the employee setup.


Adding a pay code with payroll portal.


Employee Pay Types:  This is a list of pay types currently in the employee setup that can be added to the Payroll Entry screen to pay wages for this payroll.  Select the pay type and then hit the Save button.


Additional Pay Types:   This is a list of all pay types setup for the company.  If the employee needs to be paid for a pay type that is not in the employee setup, then the pay type can be added by selecting the pay type and clicking the Save button.


*Note: A payroll Clerk does not have access to this feature of Payroll Entry.


Construction Payroll Company.



This utility is used to manage any deductions that the employee has in their setup.  To view deduction detail or make changes to the deductions, select the Edit button next to the appropriate deduction.


Payroll deductions with Online Portal.


The only changes that can be made to a deduction are Start/End Date, Year-to-Date Maximum, Lifetime Maximum, Fixed Amount, and Maximum Per Check.


Online payroll portal demo for deductions.


To apply any changes to this screen, click the Save button when done.


*Note: A payroll Clerk does not have access to this feature or Payroll Entry.


Construction Payroll Company.



A hold can be placed for one or more deductions for the payroll.  These holds can be applied to a single employee or to all employees in the payroll.  Additionally, the hold can be configured as a one-time only or a permanent hold.


Creating check hold via portal.


Select Deduction:  From the list of deductions in the company, select the deduction that you want to apply a hold to.


Affects: Indicate whether this should apply to a single employee or all employees.


Hold is for: Indicate whether this hold will occur once or permanently.


Affects Separate Check:  The hold can be configured to only apply to the specific check if an employee is to receive more than one check.  Alternately, a special check number can be setup with permanent holds so that when future payroll are done, the hold does not need to be reconfigured, the check number just needs to be set in the payroll entry.


Save: Click this button to create the Hold.


The bottom portion of the table will list all current holds for the employee or the company.  If a hold is incorrect or no longer needs to be applied, click the delete button to remove the Hold.


Construction Payroll Company.


Submit Payroll

After all of the payroll information has been entered into the Payroll Entry screen and the Save button is clicked, the Submit Payroll screen allows for the review of the total prior to posting the payroll.


Submitting a payroll via online portal.


Modify Payroll: If any changes need to be made to the payroll before posting, click this link to go back into the Payroll Entry screen.


Submit Payroll: Once all the totals have been confirmed and the payroll is ready to be posted, click this link.  An "Export Successful" note will display when complete.


Online payroll submitted.


*Note: Once the Submit Payroll link is clicked, there is no way to back up and make changes to the payroll run.  The payroll administrator will need to contact your PaySmart Specialist to make any changes.


Construction Payroll Company.


Review Payroll Runs

Once payrolls have been submitted to PaySmart, the payroll administrator can at a later time review the information that was submitted.  The Review Payroll Runs table lists the past payrolls.


Payroll review with our payroll protal.


Select the Summary link for the payroll that you want to review.  This will bring up the Summary page, or select the Details link to bring up the Details page.


Construction Payroll Company.



The Summary report of the submitted payroll will give the totals, totals by pay type, and totals by department.


Online Payroll Summary.


Construction Payroll Company.



The Details report of the submitted payroll will give the totals and a detailed breakdown by employee similar to the Payroll Entry page.


Online payroll detail reports for taxes.


Construction Payroll Company.


Employee Pay Review

Here, the payroll administrator has the capability to view a copy of individual payroll check stubs.  The employees are listed in alphabetical order by last name, but it also lists their department and social security number.


View payroll checks online.


Click the View link next to the employees name to see the list of checks in the system.


Online employee payroll history.


Each paycheck for the employee is listed in order by check date.  It also shows the gross and net pay amounts.  Select the View link next to the check date to view the pay stub.


Construction Payroll Company.



Once the payroll has been processed by PaySmart and an update file is sent back from our internal servers to our online portal hosting servers to update the system, the Payroll Administrator will have access to reports for the payroll.  Our VPN servers automatically communicate every 30 minutes.


The first five report are reports based on a single check date.  To view a report, select from the drop down list of available check dates and click the Submit button at the right of the report.


Payroll reports online.


The sixth report available has the capability of filtering by a range of check dates.  This can cover a period of a single check, month, quarter or year.  Enter the dates then click the Submit button.


Onlie payroll review.


Construction Payroll Company.


My Info

This page can be used to view or modify the password or contact email for the administrator or clerk that is currently logged into the Payroll Administration area back to the login page.


Log Out

When this link is clicked, the Payroll Administrator or Clerk will be logged out of the Payroll Administration area back to the login page.



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