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Payroll Partnerships.

Partner With PaySmart Payroll

We believe that relationships matter.  That's why we've created partner programs designed to improve and simplify customer relationships.  We make it easier for your customers to do business by managing payroll, tax, HR, and insurance related processes.  And we integrate our services to work hand in hand with the way you want to do business.  We offer innovative ways to help you attract and retain clients with solutions that work.  Visit our new partner site for more information about our back-office and affiliatiate partner programs.

Payroll for Accountants

Whether you're looking for a solid referral partner or you are interested in a private label solution to process payroll under your brand name, PaySmart can help.  Our platform gives you access to to client reports, tax information and more.  Our service and pricing models are fully customizable to meet your needs.  Contact us about partnership opportunities.


Payroll Sales Reps

If you are already in sales as a Payroll Representative or PEO Broker consider PaySmart as an option. We're not your typical payroll company.  We integrate our payroll solutions with affordable Pay As You Go Insurance options that minimize the start-up cost for business insurance and reduce audit exposure.  Our services are highly desirable to many business owners and give you a unique selling proposition. 


Insurance Professionals

We work with insurance agents and brokers looking for a good home for their insurance clients.  We offer payroll deducted insurance options and an additional revenue stream for referring customers to PaySmart Payroll. 


Back Office Payroll - Private Label Payroll

Ever thought of starting your own payroll service?  PaySmart can help.  Our platform is highly scalable, allowing us to fulfill all, or part, of the payroll process on your behalf.  We offer a full service back-office program and can even design and host a custom payroll website for your service.  We can provide custom pricing options, fund transfers, and custom portal solutions for online processing.


Payroll Franchise

We are looking for select entrepreneurs and markets for establishing PaySmart franchise locations.  Our unique payroll and insurance model allows our franchise partners to offer a cutting edge payroll experience including Pay As You Go insurance, HR, and employee benefits.  Before you lease or purchase payroll software, find out if you qualify for a PaySmart Payroll franchise.


Financial Advisors

PaySmart works with financial advisors interested in managing retirement services and benefit administration through a payroll relationship.  We help automate your services and give you valuable access to data and reports via our online platform.  And we can create custom reports and make vendor payments on your clients' behalf.


National Franchise Partners

As a PaySmart national account partner, your members and franchisees get access to our HR Support Center, insurance solutions, and benefits programs.  We provide pre-negotiated pricing discounts and programs that add value to your partners.  We can also provide custom data and informational services to our partners that help benchmark tends and provide helpful statistical data.

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PaySmart is an independent payroll provider and a member of American Payroll Association.  We may share customer information with insurance partners to assist you in placing coverage. Please visit for more information on payroll and employer taxes. Our payroll service listed on Better Business Bureau.
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